Began a pioneering career in education for entrepreneurship in 1987 with courses focused on personal and early stage business development. They have been adopted by several Universities including Cambridge, Reading, Cranfield and other institutions.

Established blended learning in entrepreneurship with a Postgraduate Diploma at Cambridge. Have since introduced several others for researchers, SME owners in startup and scale up.

Academic  research enabled advice to policy makers, CEOs and publications of Journal articles  and Books.


Mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, their teams and supported business readiness for growth and scale up  in several countries as mentor, consultant, Board member and sometimes as investor.


Entrepreneurial roles in starting several ventures and backing early stage companies with a lot of my time!

A recent and exciting affiliation judging a Business Plan competition  as Associate of the Senior Common Room at Kings College Cambridge.

Trustee of The Gen-Initiative supporting  income generation and bottom-up community development in India



shai vyakarnam


Camels, Tigers and Unicorns systematically addresses the structures, processes and mechanisms involved in turning ideas into commercially valuable propositions.

“I wish I’d had this guide when building engineering technology businesses myself – as one of the ‘Camels’ that constitute 98% of technology-enabled businesses”

~ Dr Peter Collins, Serial Entrepreneur.

“This book is a Tour de Force relevant to all those involved in the creation of technology enabled opportunities be they Corporations, Private investors, Public Policy creation or Entrepreneurs…”

~ Dr John Baits, CTO, DN Capital and VP Engineering,

“This remarkable book provides a blueprint for developing an effective Industrial Strategy…”

~ Prof David Hughes, Managing Director of the Business Innovation Group and Visiting Professor of Engineering Management at City University, London.

The Scale-up Manual provides a unified approach to manage the creation and commercialisation of innovative products and services.

“The tools and frameworks provide a powerful basis for high growth firms such as ours to articulate our strategic objective and understand how we can shape our priorities…”

~ Dr Lorin Gresser, Chief Executive, Dem Dx

“… practical approaches to help fill the void between concept and delivery of a useable product.”

~ Dr Kathryn Chapman, Executive Manager, The Milner Therapeutics Institute, Cambridge.

“Great to see a unified toolkit which helps innovative companies go beyond the start-up buzz and scale up systematically…”

~ Warwick Hill, CEO-in-Residence and Managing Director, Microsoft for Start-ups, London.


  • Cranfield University: Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship
  • Aalto Executive Education: Faculty on Executive education
  • Bristol University; Mentor on Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre
  • Moller Institute, Churchill College: Faculty on Executive Education
  • University of Cambridge: Co-developing online course in entrepreneurship
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Cambridge-Tirol: Faculty and mentor on Summer School
  • Silverstone Technology Cluster: Ambassador
  • Wolfson College, Cambridge: Resident Senior Member
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce
  • Fellow of European Society of Arts and Science